Shelter Dog Transport Alliance

A Program of Rusty's Legacy


Every week, The Shelter Dog Transport Alliance partners with over a dozen county shelter systems that are experiencing overcrowding and are in need of valuable shelter space. When our shelters are at capacity, we safely transport our shelter animals to Northern rescue partners where forever homes anxiously await them. Because of strict spay/neuter laws, our Northern States have tackled pet overpopulation and now can open their homes and hearts to our shelter dogs in need.

How you can help

Here's Ways to Help Today


We are an all volunteer grassroots organization that operates solely on donations. Every cent you donate goes directly to the cause. Our main expenses revolve around needing gas money to get our pups to safety, as well as mandatory vetting costs for each shelter animal to be approved to travel. For just $25 you can know that a shelter dog was able to be transported to a second chance at life. 

Help with a transport

There's so many things that need to get done to have a successful transport. If a shelter dog needs rescued in your county, then we need to get that pup to our transport van. On the actual day of a transport, we need dog lovers to give out plenty of hugs and walks to prepare our pups for their big trip. And...most importantly we would love to have volunteer drivers willing to donate their time to make a life-saving trip up North happen. 

Be a short term foster

Most of our shelters are completely overcrowded, so as new animals arrive the shelter must make space. There are times where we need a foster for just a few days so that we have enough space to keep our dogs safe while they await transport. Our transports are scheduled ahead of time so you'll know exactly how long we'll need your help. We'll make sure you're given everything you need to hold tight to our pups while they wait for their second chance at a new life. 

Help Change the system

Many of our counties do not have spay/neuter laws, and animal abuse offenders rarely if at all face consequences. We are tired of finding helpless puppies in boxes by roadways, as well as neglected animals suffering from terrible conditions in our own counties. If you have a calling or desire to start taking on these issues with us then we need your voice and commitment to make a difference.  We need to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Send the Love

We understand not everyone has the extra time or funds to donate to our program. However, that doesn't mean you still can't help. We also need regular encouragement, prayers and good vibes sent our way. We want our shelter animals to feel loved and safe from the very moment they arrive for transport, to the moment we hand them over to our trusted partners. Most of our shelter animals have not had easy lives, but with your support we can offer them the dignity they so deserve. 


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