The Shelter Dog Transport Alliance is a partnership of several Western North Carolina county animal shelters working together to ensure every shelter dog gets a second chance at life. A recent study by Best Friends Animal Society has North Carolina ranked #3 for the highest shelter euthanasia rate, behind only California and Texas. In order to tackle this statistic we are currently partnering with several animal rescues in the North to relocate our dogs to safety and into loving homes when our shelters become critically full.

We decided to initiate this transport program because we never want to have to euthanize any of our shelter dogs because we simply don’t have a place for them. Further, we need to reduce overcrowding in our shelters so that we always have room to compassionately care for abandoned or neglected animals. Because of space limitations, many of our shelters have waitlists for people wanting to surrender animals. This has sadly led to the regular practice of individuals ‘dumping’ helpless puppies, elderly animals, or animals that are simply unwanted by roadsides or empty fields.

Our ultimate goal is to save lives, however, as we do so we are simultaneously working towards addressing the root causes that lead to our shelters being overcrowded. The Shelter Dog Transport Alliance is a life saving partnership that will not rest until our State is no longer a deadly statistic.

The Shelter Dog Transport Alliance is a program of Rusty's Legacy, a 501c3 animal rescue based out of Marion, NC. 

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